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The D-ACTIVE project aims at fostering active citizenship and learning among a particular adult target group at high risk of marginalization: persons with intellectual disability. The project partners (both institutional and private) have recognized the following problems concerning the target group:

  • difficulty in implementing activities aimed at developing key and specialist competencies (according to recommendations proposed by the European Council as in Barcelona Conference 12/05/2009 ET2020);
  • difficulty in providing European methods in order to foster the concrete development of essential competencies or becoming active citizens and finding better jobs.


2 years


General objectives include:

  • developing innovative learning approaches in order to foster inclusion of marginalised and disadvantaged people (persons with intellectual disabilities) into society and into the labour market
  • developing systems allowing the sharing of good practices as far as education of disadvantaged people is concerned promoting learning opportunities based on participation in activities rooted in the local community

Specific objectives:

  • creating and experimenting applicative models of working tools, model training courses aimed at fostering the participation in active citizenship of persons with intellectual disabilities;
  • making models and tools usable at European level for professionals, educationalists, public and private educational and training companies, families and associations related to disabled people.

These objectives will be fulfilled through two experimentation phases including:

  1. a research action carried out according to the ICF reference parameters in 5 countries on samples for a clear and steady evaluation of the initial situation of the target
  2. identifying guidelines for carrying out experimentation according to the ICF criteria and the guidelines of the european Council
  3. first phase of experimentation: implementation of a course-model targetting educationalist working with the target group
  4. second phase of experimentation: implementation of a course-model targetting disabled people and carried out by trained educationalists


The main outputs are:

  • to create and experiment a handbook and a model course in order to train educationalists to implement actions aimed at developing active citizenship in people with intellectual disability;
  • to create and experiment a handbook and a model course to be used by trained educationalist when dealing with people with intellectual disability;
  • a permanent on-line platform for acquiring tools, collecting and comparing data resulting from research.

The envisaged impacts are:

  • realizing intervention models recognized and usable on a European scale;
  • using the created models in educational work and in actions of programming, research, and comparing among different European countries;
  • concerning people with intellectual disability and their families: improvement of the quality of life;
  • development of opportunities for exercising their rights to active citizenship;
  • fulfillment of the objectives setup by the European Council.

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